WP2 - Requirement Analysis

The main aim of this work package is a definition of technical and market requirements for the novel energy system. These include technical requirements and restrictions, regulatory constraints, and market requirements for the future hybrid genset systems of a cruise ship. As a final result, key performance indicators (KPIs) which are the most relevant for the system design under WP3 will be defined.

2.1 WP Leader

MAN Energy Solutions (MAN)

2.2 Tasks and Outputs

Comparison of different technologies (Delta Analysis)

  • The aim of this task was a comparison of the different energy conversion technologies available. Also, an information about how hybridization of these conversion technologies supports the onboard power supply of cruise ships was gathered in close cooperation with the different project partners.
  • Deliverable D2.1 - Delta analysis report - completed

Market requirements, technical target specifications and KPIs

  • In this task gathered market requirements and technical specifications for hybrid gensets of a cruise ship. This summary is mainly based on benchmark values from current gensets.

Safety and regulatory requirements

  • Relevant rules and regulations, guidelines and standards on marine fuel cell and battery installations were described and summarised as well as safety requirements for the on-board power generation and power distribution systems
  • Deliverable D2.2 - Safety Requirements - completed

2.3 Duration and Status

  • Months 1 - 12
  • Status – completed


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  Last updated: October 27, 2023