Genset engineering (WP3)

A Novel Hybrid Propulsion System (Genset) of a Cruise Ship Powered by a Solid Oxide Fuel Cell and a Lithium-Ion Battery 13 December 2021
Charting a Course to Sustainable Maritime Energy 03 October 2023
D3.1 Safety and regulatory requirements for integration of genset 20 September 2023
Dynamic Simulation of Marine SOFC Power Plant 07 June 2024
EFCF 2022 - Evaluation of a Hybrid SOFC & Battery Genset for Cruise Ship Applications 29 June 2022
Experimental Evaluation of SOFC System Exposed to Marine Inclination Conditions 09 May 2023
Factsheet WP3 - Genset System Engineering & Proof of Concept 29 April 2022
Heat Exchanger Network Design and Optimization for Waterborne Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Cogeneration System 10 June 2024
NAUTILUS - Reduction of ship emissions 15 January 2024
NAUTILUS and SolydEra Achieve Milestone with Successful Installation of 40 kW SOFC System in Finland 16 February 2024
NAUTILUS Newsletter No.1 19 July 2021
NAUTILUS Project Leaflets 11 November 2021
NAUTILUS Project Video 08 September 2021
NAUTILUS Workshop - Potential and challenges of innovative power systems and synthetic fuels for emission reduction in waterborne transport 10 October 2022
On-Board Energy System of the Future 25 April 2022
Operating Strategies for Solid Oxide Cell (SOC) Reactors in Dynamic Hydrogen Production and Power Load Following 14 September 2023
Powering Maritime Transformation: The NAUTILUS Demonstrator Testing the Low-Emission SOFC-Battery Genset 24 January 2024
The Energy Management Unit of the Hybrid Propulsion System (Genset) 06 January 2022
The Summary of the Genset Performance with Future Fuels 18 January 2022
Transient Solid Oxide Cell Reactor Model Used in rSOC Mode- Switching Analysis and Power Split Control of an SOFC-Battery Hybrid 25 May 2023

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