List of conferences where the NAUTILUS project has been presented.

Battery Conference - An Energy Management Concept with a Load-Prediction Engine to Improve the Fuel Economy of a Hybrid Maritime Propulsion System 25 March 2022
Battery Conference – Simulating the Temperature Spread within a Li-Ion Battery Module 10 March 2022
Challenges of SOFCs System Application in Marine Power Plant 11 April 2022
Contact 11 July 2022
EFCF - NAUTILUS workshop 21 June 2022
EFCF 2022 - Comparative Thermodynamic Analysis of Marine SOFC System for Alternative Fuels 24 June 2022
EFCF 2022 - Evaluation of a Hybrid SOFC & Battery Genset for Cruise Ship Applications 29 June 2022
Hydrogen & Fuel Cells Europe - Sustainable Aviation and Shipping with Hydrogen and Fuel Cells 23 May 2022
ITEC+EATS 2022 - Development of an Intelligent Energy Management Strategy for a Hybrid Maritime Propulsion System Considering Component Aging 14 June 2022
Knowledge for Sustainable Development - Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Technology to Reduce Health and Climate Impacts of Ship Emissions 29 April 2022
LEC Sustainable Shipping Technologies Forum - Electrochemical processes and energy systems Towards Step-wise Emission Reduction of the Marine Transport 03 May 2021
NAUTILUS - Low Emission Propulsion System for Passengers’ Ships 16 June 2022
NAUTILUS Held Its Sixth Project Meeting in a Hybrid Format 11 July 2022
NAUTILUS Project Leaflets 11 November 2021
Review of Atmospheric Ship Emissions and Exposure 08 November 2021
Toolchain for Efficient Implementation and Evaluation of BMS Algorithms from Matlab-Simulink on an Embedded System. 23 November 2021
WP8 - Outreach, Dissemination & Exploitation 14 February 2022