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Brief description of the Partner 

Lund University (ULUND) is the 2nd oldest and largest university in Sweden, founded 1666. The research-intensive University has a distinct international profile, with partner universities in over 70 countries. ULUND specializes in transdisciplinary and cutting-edge research. The Aerosol Laboratory at ULUND, faculty of engineering is one of the most well-equipped aerosol laboratories in the world. The laboratory is shared by two groups Ergonomics & Aerosol Technology that works with various health related air pollution issues and the aerosol group at the physics department that focuses on ambient air pollution. Together, there are three full professors, six associate professors, six senior researchers, 12 Phd students and a number of MSc students sharing the laboratory.

An additional four research groups that work on other aspects of aerosol science (div. solid state physics, combustion physics, combustion engines and occupational and environmental medicine) constitute the Consortium for Aerosol Science and Technology at Lund University (CAST) that coordinates aerosol research at Lund University and hosts research seminars two times per month. The research is also connected to several multi-disciplinary research centers including METALUND, that combine aerosol science with toxicology and epidemiology of air pollution.

Role in the Project

In NAUTILUS project, ULUND is involved in activities of WP7, where it carries out a literature review of ship emissions using ICEs, emission tests for the SOFC systéem and assesses the emission reduction potential when introducing SOFCs compared to base cases using ICEs.