GRANT Garant

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Czech Republic

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WP 1, 7, 8


Brief description of the Partner 

GRANT Garant (GG) provides consulting services for preparation and management of international research and innovation projects, as well as projects funded by the Structural Funds dedicated to innovation, research and development. Our ambition is to expand the number of organizations that are successful in preparing, managing and administrating projects funded by the EU. GG employees have experience in participating in H2020 (including previous FP6 and FP7) projects and also in the projects funded by the Structural Funds or the EEA Financial Mechanism.

Role in the Project

In the NAUTILUS project, GG is involved in activities of dissemination, exploitation and outreach, which comply with the mentioned expertise and experience of the company staff. GG is responsible for definition of the dissemination and exploitation strategy at the beginning of the project, for setting up the schedule of the dissemination/exploitation strategy and contribution to and monitoring of its fulfilment. Based upon the actual needs of the project coordinator, the GG staff will also contribute to some of the tasks related to project coordination and monitoring towards the EC. Due to our extensive experience with audits of the EU funded projects, we will also provide the consortium partners with assistive support, during the project administration at their institutions, so as to facilitate the administrative processes, as well as to minimize the possible reporting errors, which may later result in ineligibility of some of the realization costs, as claimed by the specific project partner. Finally, due to the onboard policy expertise, we assume to be partially involved in analysis/ evaluation of the legislative barriers for possible EU-wide implementation of the innovation resulting from the NAUTILUS project.